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Summer Work

Summer Work 2020

Below is a list of all Summer Reading Assignments by Subject.  Please let the school know or email the teacher if you can not find the subject you're looking for.  If you know your teachers or you're return student then go to Contact Us > Faculty & Staff and click on teacher name to get your summer work from that teacher.

*** Please email the subject teacher or Dept. Chair for more info.

Algebra 1  - Ms Menecio (Using DeltaMath CODE:  572748)

Geometry - Mr Jomuad (Using DeltaMath CODE: 132884)

Algebra 2 - Mr Baking (Using DeltaMath CODE: 996260)

AP Stat and Calculus - Mr Gazda (Packet/Interactive sites)

Pre-Calculus/Probability and Statistics (Using DeltaMath CODE: 739699)