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AP & IB Programmes

The Benjamin Banneker Academic High School is a specialized school that offers a highly structured four-year program leading to college admission.

The traditional prescribed college preparatory program includes Advanced placement (AP) and honors courses requiring twenty-six (26) Carnegie units for graduation.

. IB, called the gold standard of education by magazine, is a rigorous academic program with an international focus offered in outstanding schools worldwide.

In addition to high level coursework in the core subject areas of World Literature, Science, World Languages, Mathematics, Social Studies and an Elective, the curriculum includes a unique philosophy course called Theory of Knowledge, a research project called the Extended Essay, and requirements in the areas of creativity, action and service. The IB Diploma Programme is highly respected by colleges and universities across the United States and throughout the world. Many institutions grant up to a full year of college credit to students who earn the IB Diploma.

is a non-profit educational foundation in 1965 and based in Switzerland which offers a "Diploma Programme" in the final two years of secondary school. The IB Diploma Programme incorporates the best elements of several national educational systems with a focus on academic rigor, an international perspective and the interrelationship of all knowledge. Key to the IB Diploma Programme is a grading system that is criterion referenced: each student's performance is measured against well-defined levels of achievements consistent from one examination session to the next. Grades reflect attainment of knowledge and skills relative to set standards that are applied equally to all IB schools.

Banneker students who elect to participate in the IB Diploma Programme apply in the 10th grade for participation in grades 11 and 12. Individual student progress is assessed internally by classroom teachers and externally by the that sends student test papers and assignments to IB Examiners throughout the world for evaluation. Successful candidates are awarded the IB Diploma in addition to the Banneker DCPS diploma.

The advantages afforded to a student earning an IB Diploma are many. Since the diploma is internationally recognized, universities throughout the world are eager to admit diploma-holders into their institutions. Like Advanced Placement Examinations, success in IB courses is assessed by written examination and universities offer successful students college credit. Unlike Advanced Placement Examinations, which indicate a student's knowledge and ability in one given area of study, an IB diploma program provides a broad general education and indicates that a student has knowledge and ability in all areas. Since the IB program is offered at 1,030 schools located in 101 countries (ranging from Albania to Zambia), holders of IB Diplomas have life-long membership in an international camaraderie not unlike a fraternity/sorority, which transcends national borders.

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